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Your Network Is Your Net Worth | Jeremy McGilvrey

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During the holiday season I found myself at a charity event full of potential business connections. However, have you ever been to a business mixer and felt like everyone in the room was trying to sell you something? Or have you felt out of place, like you don’t fit in or maybe a little intimidated by others in the room? Here are some tips on how and why to successfully network in business.

When at a social event or business mixer it’s important to be confident but not just approach people with the intent to sell. Get to know someone first almost down to the core. The best business connections will feel like old friends. Don’t always just ask for something, it’s nice and refreshing just to send a greeting note or card. Attention is always in the details you don’t want to be the person they know and expect will want something when you contact them.

What sets brands and business apart are their ability to network. If having friends can make you poor in nothing, consider your business network a group of friends that can help elevate your business to the next level. How can a business network elevate your business? Well, it’s the same way those social review sites are so popular, people like knowing what other people think. The validity of online reviews can come into question, but someone cannot question a review by word of mouth from someone they know.