5 Ways To Add MASSIVE Value To Your Audience Through Instagram Stories

Last year, Instagram launched a new feature called “Instagram Stories.” This new feature allows you to post multiple photos and videos on your profile, and do some basic photo/video editing to add life to your content. There’s one catch: 24 hours after you post your content with Instagram Stories, it will instantly be deleted. Instagram Stories has changed the game as it has created multiple paths through which users can engage their followers and produce high-quality content. As a matter of fact, serious Instagram users should be putting more of their time and energy into creating video content that adds value to their followers.

Online marketers are starting to realize the value of selling through video, rather than using ‘traditional’ sales letters that take up 30 entire pages:

Video sales letters do a few great things better than “normal” sales letters… like: 

  • Get your message across better than text or audio
  • Educate your target audience more visually
  • Build trust and a connection with potential customers
  • Convert better than “normal” sales letters

If nothing else, the #1 reason you should start using Instagram Stories is because it helps you leverage human connectivity and engagement. People don’t want to see a robot on their phone, or some perfect human being:

People want to see a REAL & AUTHENTIC person with flaws…just like them!

It’s true that we spend a lot more time connected to the Internet, but at the end of the day we are still human beings with emotions, desires and insecurities. Using Instagram Stories will allow you to tap into the deepest emotions of your followers and your customers:

The emotion that a brand evokes in someone — or more importantly, in a specific group of people — has a big impact on a company’s success or failure. Emotions play a huge role in how consumers act and react. Emotions drive decisions, prompt actions, and change mind-sets, leading to strong loyalty and a deep personal connection with a given brand that can extend beyond its rational attributes. (source)

On top of that, you do NOT need a professional studio in order to post high-quality video content to your audience. Posting a video of yourself in a ‘selfie’ fashion can actually lead to better engagement with your followers. It shows people that you’re just an ordinary person, and not some holier-than-thou immortal who’s above it all.

But FIRST…you need to learn how to use Instagram Stories, and you can use this quick and easy tutorial to get caught up to speed. Once you’ve done that, now comes the fun part! You know how to use Instagram Stories and you understand how it can become a powerful weapon in your Instagram marketing arsenal….but how do you use Instagram Stories in a way that adds MASSIVE value to your audience? Below, I’ve listed 5 game-changing ways through which you can use Instagram Stories to boost your following count, convert your traffic into leads, and eventually turn those leads into sales.


If you have an upcoming product that you want to let your followers know about, what better way to tease them than to show a real-live video of your product in action? Using Instagram Stories ended up being the most effective marketing campaign for world-famous musician John Mayer to promote his material:

John used the Live platform for a variety of purposes, including performing songs from his new records for his fans, answering questions, and telling stories about the writing process of his new music. Using Instagram Live to market your business makes it much more accessible to your followers – it’s a feature that allows you to interact directly with them to help build your brand.

I even ended up doing it in my own Facebook group to promote my new book “Instagram Secrets.” Not only do I show people how to promote physical products using photos and videos in “Instagram Secrets”, but I also show them how to do it with completely digital products in just a few short seconds! (You can jump on the pre-order list for “Instagram Secrets” here.) Think of it like sending out a personalized email message. People will salivate when they see a HOT product right in front of their face. The old way of promoting your product on Instagram is to paste some text and throw in a hyperlink to your product’s webpage. It works sometimes, but it’s boring and your followers expect more from you.

BUT…if your followers are able to see something with their very own eyes – and maybe see a sneak peek of what they can expect when the hit the “BUY” button – they’ll feel like they got incredible value just from seeing your video content! It takes no extra effort on your end to set things up:

  • * Simply get your product in your hands
  • Start recording your Instagram Story
  • Provide a few key benefits that your followers get when they buy your product
  • Reveal an exclusive sneak peek into a small sample of your product
  • End the video with a call-to-action to click on a link in order to learn more
  • Put the link in a place where it will be easy for people to find it.
  •    And you’re set!

Sunny Lenarduzzi shows you how to create an Instagram video for your business WITHOUT needing a budget:

Back in the old days, you would need a professional video studio and a YouTube account in order to post high-quality videos that would entice your followers to buy. Not anymore! Anybody with a smartphone, Instagram and an Internet connection can create high-converting video ads that are customized towards their unique audience.


The use of testimonials to promote a product or a service is one of the oldest marketing tactics under the sun. “If I can do it and succeed, so can you!” is the mindset that goes behind this tactic. It worked back then and it will still work today, but you need to go one step further. Anybody can slap together a slab of text and make it sound inspirational, but today’s audience is smarter than ever before. They’ll be skeptical of anything that is written on the Internet, no matter what it is.

BUT…when you have a real authentic person provide a glowing testimonial of their own free will on how your product/service makes a difference in their life, you’ve got something that will INSPIRE people to give you their money.

Here’s why a VISUAL testimonial works so much better than a written one:

Why does it work so well?  Apart from our human inclination to be drawn to images and visual content, the fact that screenshots of testimonials contain an image of a person is hugely important. We are hard-wired from birth to relate to and connect with other humans. The fact that a baby lights up when they see a face (any face) is not something that we lose – we relate to human faces, human images, humans. (source)


This is a long-term strategy that might not generate immediate results. However, it makes people more excited to buy whatever is coming up in the near future. You can think of it like greasing a wheel from time to time so that it always spins smoothly. On top of that, you can save these testimonials and use them on your sales page when you are ready to sell your product to your customers, whether on your email list or on your Instagram page.

Now, there are multiple ways to use Instagram Stories as a way to provide visual testimonials:

(1) You can post an authentic picture of the person giving the testimonial and a quote from them that can be easily seen within the picture:

Even though you aren’t using videos, this is still a great way to provide a visual testimonial. I would personally have the person’s face take up 2/3 of the picture, but other than that this picture is a solid example of how to go about it.

In your caption, you can write a brief description about the person giving the testimonial (ex. “Danielle is a 7-figure online marketer who did x and y…”), add an additional 1-2 lines of copy selling your product, have a call-to-action (CTA) towards the link that leads to your product, and then paste the link that takes followers to your product.

(2) Have the person right beside you when they are giving your video testimonial.

If you have local customers who are willing to go on video with you to promote your product, you’ll be WAY ahead of everyone else in your niche. In your video, you want to use the following structure:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce your customer
  • Ask them to share their honest, unbiased thoughts on your product (DO NOT interrupt them)
  • Ask them a few questions to inquire more about their experience with using your product
  • Close off the video with a CTA to click on a posted link so that customers can get your product

(3) Show a pre-recorded video of a customer’s testimonial on your Instagram Story.

You are going to follow the exact format used in (2), except that you are going to use your computer or some other device to play your customer’s testimonial.

The structure will go like this:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce your customer
  • Play their testimonial – whether it’s on your computer, tablet, or another device
  • Close off the video with a CTA to click on a posted link so that customers can get your product

See how simple all of this is? You have three EASY ways to provide awe-spiring testimonials to your followers. The only question is whether or not you will actually follow through.


Remember when I told you that Instagram Stories only hosts your photo/video content for 24 hours before it gets deleted? Well, now is the PERFECT opportunity for you to create urgency and scarcity within your readers. The 24-hour period creates an automatic deadline that your customers HAVE to meet, otherwise they will miss out on your content!

And any marketer who’s worth their salt knows that deadlines are the best way to create scarcity that compels people to buy what you are sellingScarcity is the primary concept that fuels the success of Groupon. Every deal found on the website lasts for a limited time and has a limited quantity. Even sites like Amazon use urgency and scarcity to sell you on hot products, whether you realize it or not:

There are a lot of things that you can offer that take advantage of the urgency principle:

  • A hot tip or useful piece of advice on how they can achieve the result their are looking for (ex. If you’re a fitness guru, share a weight loss tip that you do not feature anywhere else).
  • Do a 24-hour sale for 50% off where the link towards the purchase is ONLY available in your Instagram Story’s caption – once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!
  • Host a give-away contest where everyone must leave a comment (ex. type “I want in” on this video) within 24 hours if they want to enter in.

Here’s a great way to do a DOUBLE WHAMMY with this insidious Instagram marketing tactic if you already have an email list that you’ve built up using your Instagram following, send them an email at the same time you post your Instagram story. The ONLY way they can see your exclusive content is if they are following you on your Instagram, so remember to include that in your call-to-action!

You’ll be driving traffic from people who are already on Instagram, and those who are not on Instagram right now yet checking their email. Once your Instagram Story is gone…it’s gone! People might try to convince you that you should re-upload the offer, but you won’t be able to. You might think that this repels customers, but it actually attracts them! See, now that they know you are serious about your offers being available for only 24 hours, they are more likely to take you seriously the next time an offer comes up again. And since they learned from their previous mistake, this time they’ll definitely jump on Instagram and get your content before it disappears.

Just like testimonials, urgency is one of the most ancient yet effective marketing tactics to boost your following, collect leads and make sales. Instagram is no exception to the power of urgency! My InstaProfit Accelerator teaches you how to use urgency and MANY MORE proven promotion strategies on Instagram to generate more revenue. You can get your hands on the course here.


If you have spent any time on the Internet, you’ve heard about live-streaming:

  • Twitch, the site for streaming video games, attracts 100 million unique viewers per month
  • Periscope has over 10 million users to date, and is primarily used by journalists and citizens to broadcast events in real-time (protests, parades, etc.)
  • YouTube Live & Facebook Live now allows content creators to create live broadcasts that will be immediately posted as stand-alone videos for later viewing after the recording is finished
  • Instagram Stories now allows you to broadcast live in front of all your followers.

Given that live-streaming has exploded in popularity over the past few years, it would be wise to capitalize on this and turn it into a valuable marketing opportunity. I would know…I’ve been using live-streams with great success on my Instagram marketing Facebook page.

I’ll get my phone ready and I’ll start recording live. Sometimes I’ll have a topic of discussion where I will rant about something important to Instagram. Other times, I’ll be informal and I’ll do a Q&A where people can ask me anything they want about Instagram. I’ll even do shout-outs on occasion to Instagram pages that are golden examples of how people should be setting things up. The point is that the options are ENDLESS with live-streaming on Instagram Stories, and it’s up to you want you want to do. It’s one thing to post short little videos, but interacting directly with your customers in real-time is the pinnacle of mobile engagement. It’s about CONNECTING with one another. “But isn’t it true that people have short attention spans and can’t handle long videos?”

Yes and no. A lot of data out there shows that engagement is maximized with shorter videos, and a normal Instagram video can only be up to 15 seconds long. However…that data does NOT include live events – it only accounts for recorded videos. Tech geek Mike Delgado provides a beautiful breakdown of the hard data behind live-streaming and how you can use it to increase audience attention & engagement activity.

Mike provides multiple tips on how you can use live-streaming to boost audience engagement regardless of the platform you use, but here are the ones that will help you succeed on Instagram:

  • Increase engagement by asking questions to your viewers and having them respond.
  • Likewise, have your viewers ask questions and provide your own insights
  • Live-stream during the time of the week where the majority of your users are ON Instagram
  • Provide special content exclusive to that live-stream (a PDF download, a subscription, a discount, etc.)

Expect your first few livestreams to be a bit awkward, but over time your viewers will get used to your unique personality and your speaking voice. Live-streaming takes more effort, but your return on investment will pay off when you see the massive boost in engagement and follower count that results from it!

WARNING: Unlike Instagram Stories, which have a 24-hour time limit before the video is deleted, any live broadcast disappears from your feed as soon as the video ends.


You know how you can buy shoutouts for a set period of time from Instagram influencers? Well, now you can buy “Instagram Story” takeovers – Gary Vaynerchuk explains it best:

If you don’t know what a takeover is, it’s basically a collaboration where you and another user appear on each other’s stories. Unlike a collaboration on Snapchat (where you needed to actually log in to the other person’s account), all you have to do is send the host account a photo or 10-second video for them to upload themselves. These takeovers are not only fun, but are also a great example of a 50/50 value exchange—a partnership that’s mutually and equally beneficial. It’s one thing to have a shout-out via a high-quality ad that provides value, but what happens when you use an engaging video instead? That’s going to get people hitting that “follow” button on your Instagram page like there’s no tomorrow!

This was a strategy that worked beautifully for inbound marketing agency Kuno Creative when they had employees do “Instagram Story” takeovers:

Their results?

  • Followers earned since launch: +450
  • Weekly Growth Rate: +26
  • Weekly Engagement Rate: +17.14%

 Pretty darn impressive if you ask me! Now, I know what you are thinking…

  • How do I find the right influencer in my niche to do a takeover with?
  • How do I know that their engagement is good enough so that I can get a return on investment for my money?
  • How do I approach an influencer and get them to collaborate with me?
  • How do I set things up on my own page so that I can get as much value as possible out of the takeover?

Those questions – and many more – are running through your mind and you need answers NOW! In my flagship course InstaPro Academy, I go over the exact step-by-sequence that you need to go through when choosing to work with an Instagram influencer. Whether you are getting a 1-hour shoutout or an “Instagram Story” takeover, the same rules apply. If you fail to follow even one of these rules, you will NOT increase your engagement or your follower count. You can learn more about these rules – and many other Instagram marketing strategies – here.


Instagram Stories has EXPLODED over the past year – influencers, brands and companies are jumping on the train and using it to create some killer marketing campaigns. Take a look at Pacific Northwest Wonderland, which gives its followers an incentive for taking action. Of course, they could have put the link for their call-to-action within the promotion, but aside from that this is a solid example on how you can use Instagram Stories to your advantage.

(Putting the link the bio means that users have to go through more steps to get to the landing, leading to FEWER sales). When you put a call-to-action in your Instagram Story, make the instructions DEAD EASY for your followers to follow. Use additional text and make your call-to-action stand out so that they know exactly where to go and what to do. The LEAST amount of steps = the BEST call-to-action. Remember that when you use Instagram Stories to get people to click a link or take some kind of action. Whether you are at…

…you can use Instagram Stories as a valuable tool to add massive value to your audience. Instead of viewing this new feature as something painful to learn how to use, see it as a brand new way to engage your audience. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.



Dirty Little Internet Marketing Secrets That Leave My Competitors in The Dust

Every day, I hear from thousands of people who are struggling to barely get by and pay their bills with their online businesses. They are working tirelessly throughout all hours of the day, pushing through the setbacks until everything ‘clicks’ for them. I can relate to that picture…it wasn’t too long ago that I was doing all the wrong things, spending way too much time away from my fiancé and my family. However, I thank God that I never stopped putting in the work every single day. I’m grateful that I pushed through the common obstacle of information overload.

Because I chose never to give up, I eventually found the ‘holy grail’ when it came to Internet marketing. That secret sauce that lets you 10x your business and shortcut your success. This holy grail allowed me to make $30,000 on a $4,500 ad spend, which was MIND-BLOWING to Frank Kern, “the most sought after direct-response Internet marketing consultant and copywriter on the planet.” It allowed me to get the results that people look for in qualified individuals – in other words, I can tell you how to get followers because I ACTUALLY HAVE FOLLOWERS

Most importantly, I can spend as much time as I want with my family. There’s nothing more motivating than being able to take an entire afternoon off with my baby boy and coming home to see several purchases flying into my bank account. Want to learn more about what I discovered? Good news – it’s all contained within this blog post at absolutely no charge to you whatsoever! My holy grail of Internet marketing is made up of 3 dirty little secrets that allow me to leave my competitors in the dust, growing faster and earning more than they do while spending less time with my butt glued to the computer. Without further ado, here they are…

SECRET #1How to create instant authority with your perfect prospects

You read that right….with a few clicks of a mouse and for less than $7, I’m going to show you how you can get your perfect prospect to perceive you as a credible expert in your field! If you have ever gone fishing, you know the importance of selecting the right bait. If you want to catch a specific type of fish, you need to choose the right bait. It has to have the right color, taste, shape, and so on… That way, you get the fish you want while repelling all the ones you DON’T want. Attracting your perfect prospect works in the exact same manner, except that we won’t be putting a sharp metal hook into their jaw. Instead, we’re going to use something that internet marketers like to call an ‘opt-in bait’. What is that, exactly?

An opt-in bait is something that you use to attract customers – you give them something valuable for free in exchange for their email address. Real simple, right? It is…until you try to sit down and create one all by yourself! Even worse, you could try to go on UpWork/’Fiverr and pray that you will find somebody who doesn’t submit low-quality work that has to be entirely re-done from scratch.

Option #2 would be to go through my 3-step process that use to brainstorm and create the perfect bait:

1: Use the four questions

Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels and Expert Secrets Fame has a 4-step magic formula that I also use when it comes to learning more about what type of bait will attract my perfect prospect:

  • WHO is your ideal customer?
  • WHERE are they browsing?
  • What can we drop to BAIT them out?
  • What RESULTS can we get them?

2: Select your ‘bait’

Here are some of the best opt-in baits in the online marketing world:

  • Quiz/Survey: 19%
  • Guide/Report: 19%
  • PDF Cheatsheet: 22%
  • Tool Kit/Resource List: 24%
  • Video Training: 26%
  • Ebook: 39%

Ebooks are the #1 thing that people are opting in for, period. If you can have a ebook that looks visually attractive and is jam-packed with life-changing content, you’ve got a bait that will keep people coming in for months!

3: Find the Private Label Rights (PLR) Product(s) that matches your niche and the profile of your perfect prospect

This is where the FUN comes in! PLR products are being used by every successful marketer in order to grow their businesses with minimal effort. Here’s how this works…

Go to master-resale-rights.com and type in your niche in the search bar on the left hand column. (You can find other great PLR websites here, here, here and here, but we’re just going to use one example right now).
[do we need a pic here?]

Once you do that, you will find that there are thousands of available eBooks for you to choose from. Most of these books will allow you to put your own name on them and even claim the cover as your own. For a low cost of roughly $7, you can use a book as a way to get email subscribers (or even sell it as a paid product)! Just one quick warning to give you a heads-up on so you don’t run into any problems later: The “distribution rights” on the page corresponding to your book tells you what you CAN and CANNOT do with the book. In particular, pay close attention to the “private label rights” section. When it says ‘no’, it means that you cannot put your own name on it. However, you can still use it to become a well-respected authority in your niche! This is the beginning step to growing your business and making money online. There are also video series and online articles you can use, so feel free to browse around.

SECRET #2How to get your very own automatic customer conversion machine

The #1 reason why people do not succeed online is because they do not have a way to AUTOMATE their success and turn it into a repeatable, proven system. One of my favorite quotes from the book “E-Myth” sums it up perfectly: Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably. Systems are what allow me to spend more time with my family and automate my success at the same time. What do systems have to do with being successful, you may ask? Good question!

Static websites are dying and they are not coming back. Having one in today’s day and age is literally no different from using a Sony Walkman to listen to music in the 21st century. When you direct people towards a static website, you leave them wondering what they are going to be looking at (or even supposed to be looking at). In other words, they have to make up their own process! If that’s how you treat your visitors (i.e. your potential customers), they’ll leave just as quickly as they came.

The new way of attracting and keeping people on your website is the sales funnel. You drive all your incoming traffic through YOUR own process. People will immediately arrive at your offer and only have one option presented to them: Buy your product (or provide their email address in exchange for your bait). Once you do that, you directly position them towards the next step you want to take them through. As an example, you can present a one-time offer (OTO) in which the visitor/customer has to either buy your offer, or lose it forever. An OTO is a fantastic way to use urgency and scarcity to get your customers to buy into the offer. If they don’t want your OTO, no problem! You can direct them to a down-sell where they buy something of a lower cost, and when that doesn’t work, you can take them to a THANK YOU page where you show the customer how much you appreciate their investment.

Now, for those of you who are absolutely overwhelmed by the mere idea of creating your sales funnel, you might wonder how long it will take for you to build and set up your very own sales funnel. Fortunately, there’s a way to build a full-fledged sales funnel (AND an email sequence autoresponder) in less than 5 minutes. It’s called ClickFunnels, a popular online software program which allows you to construct a sales funnel from scratch. You can either select one of the done-for-you templates, or you can get creative and build your sales funnel from the ground up. The drag n’ drop editor allows you to add pictures where you want, insert your own headlines, drop your eBook where you want it, and so much more.

Did I also mention that ClickFunnels is MOBILE-OPTIMIZED? Being ‘mobile-optimized’ means that your sales funnel will load quickly on your smartphone and be easy to scroll through (HINT: If you can’t read your sales funnel properly on a phone screen, get ready to miss out on at least HALF of your potential business).

See the images above? That’s my ENTIRE two-step funnel that I created a long time ago and still use to this day, due to the incredibly high conversions it continues to generate for me. On the left side, I have a beautiful landing page where I show a crystal-clear image, a powerful headline and a dead-simple opt-in form where visitors can enter in their name and their email address (HINT: If you have the “opt-in” button wiggling, it can help improve conversions). There’s scarcity and urgency in the headline, a count-down clock, and a micro-commitment that asks how the visitor heard about the book. No matter where they heard it from, that text adds extra credibility to who you are. On the right side, I have a ‘thank you’ page where I thank people for getting my book and tell them exactly how they can get it (HINT: Make it RIDICULOUSLY easy for people to find and download your book). The video thanks the person for getting the book and reminds them that they will get a lot of value out of it, and ends by telling them that if you see more value, you will send them an email about it. Once I finish creating these two pages, I can preview this entire two-step funnel and test it to see how it will look like in the eye of the visitor. Plus, I can add in email marketing to this sales funnel, all entirely in ClickFunnels. I can say where I want the email coming from, and even use email templates to build up a follow-up sequence when people opt-in.

And to sweeten the deal further, I can connect a payment processor easily with nothing more than a few clicks. Honestly, ClickFunnels has change the dynamics of my business forever. You can guys can do this too, and I KNOW you can – because I was able to do it without needing to be an expert designer or programmer. Now, ClickFunnels doesn’t come cheap. You’re looking at $97/month for using their standard service (with one email provider), and $297/month for elite access to the entire suite of tools. I’m going to show you how you can get a SPECIAL plan for only $19/month, which is what you get when a ClickFunnels member (that’s me!) shares a funnel with you. All you have to do is connect with the member through a specific link and use it for $19/month. It is my gift to you for seeing value in yourself, believing in yourself, and taking the time out of your day to read this book.

Go to JeremyU.com

You get the hosting, email autoresponder, A/B analytics testing, payment processor – EVERYTHING! You’ll also get access to the tried and true opt-in funnel I just showed you that converts at a whopping 74%. It is truly mind-blowing and extraordinary at the same time.

SECRET #3How to rapidly drive HUNDREDS of ‘warm’ targeted leads to your offers without breaking the bank

You have an amazing piece of content you can share with your visitors and a high-converting landing page that shows it off…but how are you going to drive traffic towards it? How do we complete the holy grail of Internet marketing? This quote from social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk contains the answer…

“Anybody right now who isn’t spending a disproportional amount of time trying to figure out the hashtag culture, the Instagram ad product, organic Instagram posting, working with Instagram Influencers…

Is making a HUGE mistake to not set their business up properly in a 2018, 2019 world. We haven’t even seen the real revenue come in from Instagram yet. It’s a beast. It is THE current social network…”

Instagram is the new opportunity you need to get ahead of the curve and promote your products and services without the laborious struggle. Facebook bought them out for $1 billion and now they are worth $35 billion. With over 700 million MONTHLY users on Instagram, you already have access to a MASSIVE audience that wants your information. In other words, there is an incredible amount of untapped value lying dormant within Instagram, and it’s waiting just for you. You are missing out on a LOT if you don’t take advantage of the fact that Instagram is the new and better way to get traffic! Now, you might be wondering: “How do use Instagram to attract warm, cheap targeted leads?”

The answer is through influencer marketing and through shoutouts. But what is a shoutout? A shoutout is when you get an Instagram Influencer – someone with a massive following – to promote your products or services, and/or your Instagram page on THEIR Instagram page. Their followers are instructed to go to your page to follow you, and buy your products/services.

The easiest way to grow any business is through word of mouth…shoutouts take the power of word of mouth from 1-1 to 1- potentially millions. I remember the very first time I bought a shoutout from Jason Stone (@Millionaire_Mentor), who is DOMINATING Instagram with 2.5 MILLION followers to date. People bought MORE of my products in a 6-hour shoutout than they ever did in the entire previous year. The point I want to make is this: You are literally ONE Instagram Influencer away from changing your life!

There’s nothing that will lead to greater conversions than a personal recommendation from an Influencer that hundreds of thousands of followers trust. So how do you connect with an Influencer and take advantage of this steroid-infused word-of-mouth marketing? You have to go to their bio and reach out to them with a direct message. This is different for each Influencer, as some will leave out an email and others will leave their KIK username (a free mobile messenger app). All you have to do tell them that you love their page, and ask how much for shoutouts. Seriously, that’s all you have to do:

“Love your Instagram page. Could I please get your shoutout prices?”

Now, I want to you to really picture yourself doing this. I want you to see that it is possible for you to get leads this fast.


There is NO other place on the Internet where these kinds of results are possible. The person in the online marketing industry who collects the most email addresses wins, plain and simple. Let me show you the math so that you can see how all of this ads up: If you can get 1% of 1000 leads (10 people) to buy a $47 product, you make $470 and you are more than doubling your money (1000 Instagram leads = $200). You’re essentially getting emails for free, and you get to rinse and repeat the process all over again.

I remember when I was able to collect 7372 emails in 30 days and I got an angry inquiry from my email provider saying that they had to do a full audit, because we HAD to be doing something wrong. We did nothing wrong – we just had massive traffic! This is the new and better way to get leads and create profits. Instagram is the true solution to most of your online marketing problems. So long as you apply this strategy consistently, you will have an unlimited amount of leads to run products to. For example, I wrote a book about ad strategies on Instagram that taught people how to have congruency between their ads and their landing page. Using Instagram marketing alone, I have managed to sell 11,000 copies of that book in under a YEAR.


Let’s recall all of the 3 secrets that I have shared with you up to this point:

  • Secret #1 – How to create instant authority with your perfect prospects with a few clicks of a mouse (and for less than $7).
  • Secret #2 – How to get your very own automatic customer conversion machine for only $19 per month.
  • Secret #3 – How to drive 100’s of warm cheap, targeted leads to your offers in 6 hours for less than $60.

Can you now see yourself being successful using all 3 secrets? Of course you can! I’m extremely thankful that so many people are finally able to see how they can crack the online marketing code. You might be looking at the worst case scenario, worried about what might happen if you consistently apply all of these strategies and nothing works for you. In the rare case that happens, you’ll have spent a couple of dollars and a few days at most. Pretty safe, right?

But…what if it DOES work?

You’re sitting there and you have a pretty strong gut feeling that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for… What if your gut feeling is right?

What if, in a few weeks from now, you have a system for generating consistent profits? What if you’re finally able to build a massive email list and you’re finally able to make money online? Isn’t it at least worth trying? I would say so, and so would the hundreds of beginner-level and advanced online business owners who have seen rapid success by using these 3 secrets to their advantage.